National Revenue Administration employees earn so little money that they are forced to get side jobs after hours. Therefore, more and more officials are sending letters to their superiors asking for permission to take on additional jobs, for example, in trade or catering. It is so because according to Art. 80 of the Civil Service Act “Civil servants and civil service employees who hold senior positions in the civil service may not undertake additional employment or gainful activity without the Office’s director general’s written permission or undertaking work or activities that conflict with duties resulting from the Act or undermining trust to civil servants.” In other words, it is not enough that employees of the Treasury receive very low salaries, they have to apply for permission in order to be able to undertake additional work.

According to our knowledge, there are situations when the employer refuses an officer’s request to undertake additional work. Below is a refusal to work as a cashier in a pizzeria. The employer argues that the officer’s extra work in catering undermines confidence in the civil service and has a negative impact on the image of the state. This is not only proof of how bad the situation of the employees of the National Revenue Administration is, but also shows the contempt that the head of this office holds towards catering workers.