On the 1st of November 2020, the Consultative Council of the All-Poland Women’s Strike has been established. The council will analyze the demands expressed during the protests and create tailored program solutions based on the results. We are pleased to announce that two seats in the council will be held by the members of our union: chairman Piotr Szumlewicz and vice-chairwoman of our youth committee Nadia Oleszczuk.

During the council meeting with the participation of many activists and experts, several problem areas have been extracted, along with the directions of actions based on verbalized demands, which were singled out during the analysis of slogans present at the protests so far. These are:

  1. Women’s rights – the end of women’s hell
  2. Rights of LGBTQIA+ people – LGBT are people, not ideology
  3. Secular state
  4. Rule of law – courts and state services free of political party influence
  5. State – lawful institutions, real Commissioner of Human Rights and Commissioner for Child Rights
  6. Pandemic – to counteract the collapse of the healthcare system and mitigating the effects of pandemic
  7. Climate and animal rights
  8. Fascists in public life – no pasaran!
  9. Labor market – let’s raise the standards!
  10. Education – to fight the disaster in schooling
  11. Disability – real support for people with disabilities
  12. Media – free media/stop the propaganda
  13. “You Will Never Walk Alone” – support for children and youth/fight the crisis in psychiatry

These are the working names of the battlefields, which are affected by the demands of the protesters – in the course of the council’s work they may be changed or differently shaped. Our members will be particularly active in the working group dedicated to the improvement of the labour market and repeal the further deterioration of job security. Based on the hitherto work of the All-Poland Women’s Strike on the protesters’ slogans, it follows that the demand to fight against junk employment is important for many protests participants. At the same time, we closely agree with those slogans and we will do our best to make a professional contribution to the council’s work in this area.