We are critical of the government’s anti-inflation plan. We are calling for a holistic, fair change in the labor market and an improvement in the quality of public services, instead of chaotic, ineffective attempts to patch holes in a badly functioning system. First, the government introduced a whole series of anti-crisis shields, now it is implementing an anti-inflationary shield. All of the programs implemented by the government have one thing in common i.e. they offer nothing to the employees.

The anti-inflationary shield is a set of proposals for the temporary reduction of various types of taxation. These are short-term solutions that do not solve any problem, and their implementation will cost at least several billion zlotys. Thus, the government is trying to calm public discontent for a time being. Meanwhile, a temporary reduction in indirect taxes will not guarantee a reduction in the prices of basic goods and services, merely will worsen the already dire state of public finances, limiting the state’s ability to act in other areas of social life. We believe that considering the context of a deepening epidemic crisis, this is a short-sighted and irresponsible policy.

Therefore, in our opinion, instead of a temporary cut in excise and VAT, it is better to significantly raise wages in the public sector, invest more in local governments, and improve the quality of public services, especially those related to the health and care sectors. We do not want alms from the government or one-time Christmas gifts, only decent wages and a well-functioning state throughout the year.